about LOU!


I wanted to introduce myself; My name is Yvonne, but my daddy calls me Lou.  I am so crazy-thrilled you've made it to my little corner of the internet! 

I was born and raised in the heart of Louisiana and it's soulful rhythm is the backdrop of my world. When we were growing up, our house had it's own rhythm; it was L O U D . . .

Loud with creativity

Loud with love

Loud with imagination

Loud with friendship

Loud with learning.

Years later, that rhythm of my childhood is still so loud in my heart. I can barely go 5 minutes without talking about how insanely cool my mom was when we were kids. We built forts with every flat and fitted sheet we could find. We spent countless hours outside pretending to be stranded on a desert island. We would play 'teacher' with our stuffed animals if we couldn't convince our other siblings to volunteer. You could always find paint, coloring books, blocks, puzzles, glue, construction paper and googly eyes all at arm's reach. We created, we laughed and we learned with every ounce of our hearts. 

The purpose of Lou&J is to enhance your home atmosphere; to bring that loud, enthusiastic, imaginative 'loudness' into your daily routine. We'll give you the resources, the crafts, the ideas, and the tips to create your own home rhythm. 

Now, let's get it going! 


Stay A While !