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LOU&J is dedicated to enhancing your home atmosphere. We're here to bring you loads of creativity and joy to continue making learning F U N

LOU&J creates lessons for the week so you can keep learning from the comfort of home.

Each lesson is themed and contains learning resources for ages 3-5; You'll receive a folder of 5 lessons for the week. 

Each lesson will include: 

L E A R N I N G :

 Focused on letter matching, pattern building, mathematics,  letter sounds, tracing, 

practicing fine motor skills & more! A week's folder will include 10 learning activities; two per day!

If you can't get to all 10, no worries at all! Save them for later! 

O N L I N E  R E S O U R C E S :

We provide links to different online resources; whether that be storybooks read aloud, or learning videos related to the week's theme, your child will love it

 (& you'll love the extra break!)

With each lesson, we'll provide a summary of what the link includes; 

For example, if the link of Tuesday's lesson is a story, we'll include a summary and questions to follow up the video to encourage reading comprehension! 

C R A F T S : 

For all my kind of kiddos who love their arts and crafts; this one's for you! 

Each lesson will include a craft based on what we're learning that day! Some kiddos may need some extra helping hands or some may want to express their independence! 

Either way, we're going to become artists together!

I N S I D E :

Everyone needs a good game or activity to keep their kiddos busy while at home! 

Within each lesson, we provide ideas for everything indoor play.

From dramatic play to Play-Doh competitions, you'll always be prepared for a rainy day!

O U T S I D E :

Time for some Vitamin D and outside sanity! This is such a needed part of a daily routine. Whether that be a walk around the neighborhood or having an afternoon-snack picnic, outside time will speak to everybody's heart!

Our lessons will offer you great ideas to fuel that imaginative outdoor play! 

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